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Fri, 31.10.2014 22:41
Hi Daniel, In this entry everything is compiled in 32 bits, but it seems apache in your env [...]
Wed, 29.10.2014 11:05
Hi Ricky I'm trying to repeat the steps you describe in your guide but I'm stuck in step 6. [...]
Tue, 14.10.2014 09:00
A new version of chrome 38 has landed today in testing/jessie, it seems that the problem is fi [...]
Tue, 30.09.2014 12:34
The problem with the signing test is a bug. If you take your card out of the reader and plu [...]
Mon, 22.09.2014 18:32
Thanks for the post it was quite helpful. I'm trying to accomplish the same thing but with [...]
Fri, 29.08.2014 12:08
Hi Yeanez, The code is in the previous entry (the link is at the beginning of this one), th [...]
Thu, 28.08.2014 14:42
Hello! I saw you demonstration and are great. Is possible to get source code ? I would like [...]
Thu, 28.08.2014 11:18
Thanks Sergio, I am a newbie using android so there will be a lot of better ways to do the [...]


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