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Wed, 26.04.2017 16:35
More bugs. Today I had the "good" idea to activate access through the DNIe to my bank account [...]
Tue, 25.04.2017 13:39
Don't worry. When that bug is fixed you can try again.
Tue, 25.04.2017 02:24
The page of the FNMT worked with Opensc 0.16 and the DNIe 2.0. With DNI 3.0 it does not work [...]
Mon, 24.04.2017 20:35
Hi, There's a known problem right now in the opensc DNIe driver. It's about login/logout. S [...]
Mon, 24.04.2017 03:19
The signing process works correctly. I have also tested it with the official libpkcs11-dnie.so [...]
Sun, 23.04.2017 21:51
I had no problem getting a digital signature from FNMT using a DNIe 2.0, the Gentoo package fo [...]
Sun, 23.04.2017 13:40
Hello, I have been trying to obtain a certificate from the FNMT using the DNI 3.0 with the ma [...]
Sun, 23.04.2017 09:19
Hi Albert, Try to write in english because the blog is thought to go to a broader audience. [...]