LDAP password policies and JavaEE

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Wey Gu about Copy-n-Paste in KVM
Fri, 01.12.2017 08:27
Dear Ricky, Here with: host: ubuntu 16.04 LTS guest: windows 10 Used latest tool via htt [...]
Tue, 04.07.2017 10:55
Congrats for your bug hunting work!!
Thu, 29.06.2017 23:56
We speak about your work https://www.internautas.org/html/9716.html
Thu, 01.06.2017 13:48
Actualization. Finally I have obtained a certificate from the FNMT using the DNI 3.0 with the [...]
Mon, 15.05.2017 12:06
My DNIE version mestres@tux ~/DNI30/bin $ ./dnie-tool -V Using reader with a card: Alcor Mic [...]
Mon, 15.05.2017 11:39
The error appears randomly. mestres@tux ~/dnie-pkcs11-tester $ ./dnie-pkcs11-tester -t 7 [...]
Mon, 15.05.2017 11:31
There are random errors in the tests. I can't reproduce them mestres@tux ~/dnie-pkcs11-tester [...]
Sat, 13.05.2017 15:17
Yes, this is the new test for the issue #1036 which I just send as a PR this morning. You can [...]