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Douglas about Copy-n-Paste in KVM
Tue, 24.02.2015 01:23
Hello Ricky! Thanks for the tip! I just installed the spice-guest-tools version 0.74 (aka W [...]
Thu, 12.02.2015 12:57
Hi ricky, I'm a french student and i have to make an applet with windows 7 to sign a docume [...]
Wed, 04.02.2015 22:19
Hi, If you want to authenticate a user you don't need an applet. In order to authenticate a [...]
NSS Keystore location about Signature Applet - Using Browser Store
Mon, 26.01.2015 17:47
Hi, I`m using java applet and i need authenticate user choosing digital certificate from us [...]
Sat, 17.01.2015 13:00
Hi Dr. Avalance, The problem you comment it is usually because the kerberos implementation [...]
Thu, 15.01.2015 12:58
I appreciate that you wrote this article some time ago now, I've implemented this on a solaris [...]
Mon, 05.01.2015 12:57
Hi again dadel, I don't understand you completely. If you use the SPNEGO filter project (th [...]
Sun, 04.01.2015 12:55
thanks again for your reply, but there is something that is not clear for me, I'm using glassf [...]


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