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Linux Punk about Copy-n-Paste in KVM
Mon, 29.02.2016 13:34
Thx, this makes working with KVM Virtualmachines much more easy ;-)
Sun, 14.02.2016 10:43
Hey That's was great, It was bugging me the whole copy and paste thing. So this is just wh [...]
Sun, 22.11.2015 16:34
Ricky: This is awesome. I've been in the operations role for about 20 years, so I often pre [...]
Fri, 20.11.2015 13:40
Thank You for this Tutorial :-) But can you guide me *how to pass SDP (Negotiation Info.) bet [...]
prabhanjan about Samba 4.0.0
Wed, 11.11.2015 08:28
Thanks for the blog , It is very useful , struggling for ldap usage in samba4 . It worked f [...]
Wed, 04.11.2015 19:51
Is there any news about hardware tokens in WebCryptoAPI?
Thu, 27.08.2015 04:37
This is very clear and it helps a lot! Thanks for your sharing
Wed, 22.07.2015 07:11
Here is a full-featured library working with all existing major PKI datatypes: https://github. [...]