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Mon, 14.07.2014 20:40
OpenSC 0.14 is out and packaged in Jessie. Not tested yet but I think there will be no problem [...]
Mon, 30.06.2014 17:17
Installing my new laptop I have discovered that Debian testing has a new non-free package call [...]
Fri, 27.06.2014 08:59
Thanks for your post Ricky, it saved me a frustrating debugging session. Hopefully the bug wil [...]
Wed, 28.05.2014 20:53
Thanks for this post. I was stuck at how to make this work on Chromium since all the oficial [...]
Fri, 16.05.2014 18:27
Hi Pietro, You are right, I think that newer versions of the BND plugin have removed this t [...]
Fri, 16.05.2014 03:17
This does not work anymore. The option "Wrap JAR as OSGI bundle project" is not present anymor [...]
Tue, 08.04.2014 12:54
i am using opends. i want to get warnig msg. but i am not getting.all policy is working . pass [...]
Sun, 23.03.2014 17:27
Hi David, I have written a quick entry about installing opensc/opendnie in chrome/chromium: [...]


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