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Sat, 24.09.2016 11:50
Reviewing your first entry I commented exactly the same first option than you comment right no [...]
Sun, 18.09.2016 10:09
I simply did not think on that and I prefer the way than the finish line. I don't trust in APK [...]
Sat, 17.09.2016 23:06
Sat, 17.09.2016 22:19
Weird, I have built it, works like charm. Thank you, but why in the world, it has not been pub [...]
Thu, 08.09.2016 08:08
Any chances that this will work with Microsoft Active Directory?
Tue, 16.08.2016 19:01
Hi Michael, The post should be constructed one way or the other. In case you upload a TCX ( [...]
Mon, 15.08.2016 12:32
Things will definitely change with the upcoming versions of Runnalyze. When I get it right yo [...]
Sat, 16.07.2016 18:20
Thank you, you saved me hours of work. :-)